Working with Vinehall Displays means working with a company that values sustainability and minimises its impact on the environment.  Working with our industry partners, we hope to reduce unnecessary waste and create a legacy of sustainability. 




Landfill Policy

across the company

Recycled Certified Inks Waste

Renewable Green Energy


Landfill Policy

across the company



of our waste is either

recycled or recovered

Vinehall Displays is proud member of Guaranteed Irish

Vinehall Displays has been awarded a gold medal for sustainability from EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings. Vinehall Display’s rating is derived from EcoVadis’ sustainability scorecard, which provided performance data in four main categories: environment, ethics, labour and human rights, and sustainable procurement.

Guaranteed Irish symbol is the national symbol of trust in business in Ireland. The official Guaranteed Irish licences mark is awarded to businesses based in Ireland that support sustainable jobs, contribute to local communities, and are committed to Irish provenance.

Robust Environmental Policy

With new materials, the latest print technology and environmentally conscious processes, we are always working to ensure that we deliver the very best for both our clients and the environment. Vinehall Display’s board carries out regular reviews of the company’s Environmental Policy to assure compliance of the company with its own objectives. By being sustainable we commit to being more than green and environmentally responsible.


We not only reduce the number of resources we use for each event, but we also try to reuse or repurpose as often as possible

Waste Reduction

We operate a pack in and pack out policy with waste diversion of 65% or higher. We aim always to recycle and repurposing all signage, furniture, graphics, and carpet. 


At Vinehall our commitment to established criteria for purchasing environmentally preferred products is hughley important to us. We actively encourage the sourcing of all materials locally where at all possible.

Environmentally-Friendly Production

We will continuously improve our environmental footprint by establishing clear objectives for each event, and providing an environmental impact report that measures what we set out to achieve.

Energy Conservation

We consistently measure our energy consumption across all activities and us led technology for all custom builds.

Community Involvement

At Vinehall we partner with community organisations to donate materials, provide labour and in-kind services to those in need. We are committed to serving the communities in which we live and work.

For Our Environment

The large-format SwissQPrint printer we use is environmentally friendly thanks to no maintenance, pollutant-free LED technology and minimal power consumption. SwissQprint develops and manufactures high-end UV Inkjet. Inks that we use are all Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified. Greenguard ensures that indoor products comply with strict chemical emission limits, resulting in a healthier indoor environment.

For Our Clients

Vinehall proudly supports environmentally-friendly practices, and was awared a Gold Medal at the 2022 Ecovadis Sustainability Awards.

The majority of our displays are 100% reusable and are constructed with non-toxic chemicals or inks. When possible, our displays employ lighting that is low-energy consuming, with lead-free wiring that is 100% RoHS compliant.