Hire Clear Acrylic Tombola Raffle Drum

Our floor standing raffle barrels, Drum or Tombola, also known as drawing rotators, are perfect for promoting consumer motivational rewards/contests, celebrating company anniversaries and building trade show traffic! Our large floor-standing ticket-drawing displays, the biggest raffle drums we offer to stand at an overall height of 1M.

These Tombola Raffle Drum Hire that has a contemporary eye-catching design. We manufacture these raffle drums with a 700mm/27 1/2″ diameter transparent acrylic drum attached to a floor stand with a heavy-duty collapsable base. The base is a silver color which we then coated MDF. Allowing convenient mobility. These raffle drums are fabricated from 10mm thick clear acrylic. The raffle ticket drums are balanced for a smooth constant action. That ensures a random mixing of ballots, entries, contest forms, and lottery tickets. Used on shows like the late late on RTE.

Everyone loves to win a prize, and your company will be the biggest winner when you promote achievement with this raffle ticket drum! Assembly is easy and Fast!


Clear Acrylic Tombola Raffle Drum to Hire