Pipe and Drape System

Pipe and Drape system has been used for decorative purposes throughout the event industry for several years now but has become an ever increasingly popular way of draping in a professional manner. Given its adaptive nature the system will work in any venue no matter how challenging. Pipe and drape is quick and easy to use system of completely transforming an event venue when planning an event, trade show, conference, product launch or simply to divide a room.


Ready to create an environment with wow-factor for your next event?

Vinehall Displays can provide a range of draping solutions that will help initiate the atmosphere you desire. We have the scenery, drapery, seating and more to create exciting spaces, with full attention to details.


At Vinehall Displays, we have various drapes available to be hired, including many colour options. We stock drapes in white, gold, ivory, black and blue in addition, to our lighting options to complete your décor, or add a stage or platform to make your gathering look more professional.

Our blackout and decorative drapes are specifically designed to work with pipe and drape system, meaning the installation and removal time is heavily reduced as well as giving a nice clean finish to your drape line.


We provide rentals and installations throughout Ireland and UK area, so we can help dream up your event and then make it reality. We install pipe and drape for conferences, conventions, trade shows, fashion shows, private events, marketing events, festivals and corporate events.

The attention to detail from our team when dressing your venue ensures that our service is called upon time and time again.

Get in touch today to help us create your pipe & drape vision and we promise to deliver the venue of your dreams!!!