In the printed word nothing compares with lenticular.  It spellbinds audiences and turns simple 2D prints into surfaces of motion and dimension.

Our company is the premier provider of large format lenticular print solutions, producing some of the highest quality large format lenticular prints available for both fine art and commercial lenticular. From lenticular posters to bus shelter graphics, displays and everything else. We will be capable of handling even the most original ideas and delivering top quality results with dependable reliability, find out more about our printing service here.

Displays, packaging, posters, POS items and interior decoration elements: enhance them with 3D effects and you have guaranteed eye-catchers.










Droptix adds the third dimension to your creations and allows immense freedom of format and design. Only clear and sharp lenses will do the job. So, the effect requires utmost precision – which every swissQprint machine has built.

Lenticular can create compelling illusions but not every design makes an effective lenticular. Our amazing team will design and create an element of magic around your product and bring your design to life using our SwissQPrinter Nyala3 machine, the only swissQprint in Ireland.



At Vinehall Displays we pay attention to details at every step of the process, producing world-class results with all of our projects.





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